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As a new generation of entrepreneurs emerges we find ourselves looking for answers on how to make our creative talents financially sustainable.
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In The Collective, we offer job opportunities and business development resources to make your brand successful. 

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Stay up to date on the latest tech trends including blockchain and other modern tech applications.

Women’s Network

Empowering women to pursue their business goals, while being uplifted by a collective.

Culinary Arts

A culinary experience that's good to the last bite. Connect with talented chef from all over.

Creative Arts

Explore human expression while learning artistic disciplines to gift the community with the muse of the arts.

Community Outreach

We believe community is at the heart of growth. When people come together, dreams are built. Let's Grow Together!


We sponsor and support event organizers in their quest to bring cheers and joy to the community. Host the best event!

Contributions made supports our Entrepreneurs Scholarship programs, Education initiatives, and community development projects

Charity Fundraiser

Support Aspiring Tech Entrepreneurs!

Your donation will make a difference by providing financial support, mentorship, and resources to help turn innovative tech ideas into successful companies.

 We are a tax-exempted 501(c)(3) organization, donors can receive a donation receipt upon request. 

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